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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Queer Camp for

LGBTQIA+ middle school, junior high, and high schoolers (ages 12-18)

Are allies welcome at the camp

Queer Camp is thrilled to have allies join in creating a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQIA+ youth. Allies' support and advocacy are crucial in fostering acceptance and understanding. Celebrating together, we amplify the joy and strength in one another and the camp community. 

When is Queer Camp

Monday July 8th through Friday July 12th from 9:30 am to 6 pm

Is it an overnight camp

Queer Camp is a day camp. While Queer Camp hopes to offer an overnight option in the future, at this time, Queer Camp is unable to accommodate campers overnight. 

Is there a virtual option

Queer Camp is in-person only.

How much does camp cost

This year the camp registration fee is $200. Queer Camp works to keep camp affordable, charging only as necessary to fund the cost of camp; however, no camper will be turned away due to financial hardship. Queer Camp provides partial and full scholarships to families in need. 

Your donations help keep the registration fee affordable! 

What kinds of experiences will the camp include

For those wondering what the week will be like, here's a sampling of things already planned:

  • Relationship and self-care skills

  • Theater, photography, art, nature, and film study tracks

  • Art and makeup with guest stylists and artists 

  • A collaborative community art project

  • Gardening and agriculture education

  • Support groups to process gender identity and sexual orientation

  • Testimonials from our leadership team about their journeys

  • Lunch and unlimited snacks every day

  • Field trips to local destinations

  • Outdoor games and water play

  • Free time to hang out

  • Indoor games and video games

  • A low sensory zone for when you need to get away

  • Name change clinic (with parental permission)

  • And all the traditional camp activities!

Are there any religious activities at the camp

Queer Camp’s host is a church; however, both Queer Camp and its host are committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all campers. Neither Queer Camp nor the host church incorporates any religious activities or practices into the Queer Camp program.

Is Queer Camp safe for LGBTQIA+ youth

Ensuring the safety and well-being of LGBTQIA+ youth is Queer Camp’s top priority, and Queer Camp has policies and procedures in place to create a supportive and inclusive environment where all campers can feel accepted, respected, and valued. Queer Camp volunteers are trained in first aid, CPR, and emergency response procedures, and Queer Camp works to create a comprehensive safety plan for camp each year.

How diverse is camp staff

Queer Camp volunteers and staff are primarily made up of LGBTQIA+ people ranging in age, race, and religious affiliation.

Is there a dress code for the camp

Campers should wear whatever makes them feel most comfortable and truest to themselves. Whether it's jeans and a t-shirt, a favorite dress, or something entirely unique, Queer Camp welcomes campers to express themselves freely at camp and let their individuality shine. On the rare occasion that a camper experiences an issue with their clothing, on-site washer/dryer and free clothing resources are available to all campers.

What should campers bring with them to camp

Campers should bring the following essentials to ensure they have a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is essential, so a refillable water bottle is necessary.

  • Weather-Appropriate Clothing: Dress in layers and wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. This might include a light jacket, raincoat, swimsuit, or extra layers for cooler mornings.

  • Personal Items: Please bring any necessary personal items, such as medication, inhalers, or EpiPens, along with instructions for use if applicable. Parents and guardians should inform Queer Camp leadership regarding specific medical needs to ensure appropriate camper care.

How are accommodations handled at camp

  • Gender-Inclusive Facilities: Restroom facilities are gender-inclusive or private to accommodate the diverse gender identities of campers.

  • Respect for Pronouns and Chosen Names: Queer Camp encourages campers and staff to share their chosen names and pronouns on name tags and to use them correctly. 

  • Qualified Kitchen Staff and Alternative Food Options: The registration process includes collecting dietary information about campers, including allergies, intolerances, and religious dietary restrictions. Kitchen staff, trained in food safety and knowledgeable about dietary restrictions, make alternative meal options or substitutions available.

  • Structured Activities/Flexible Participation: The Queer Camp schedule includes structured activities and routines to provide predictability and support for campers who benefit from clear expectations and routines. It also allows flexibility in participation requirements for camp activities, allowing neurodivergent campers to opt out or modify activities to accommodate their sensory sensitivities or social preferences.

What kind of support systems are in place for campers who may need assistance or guidance

Queer Camp utilizes trained and accredited therapists to provide professional support to campers. Every day of camp begins with a support group to facilitate healthy community connections, and campers are encouraged to seek out volunteers and/or therapists at any time if they need assistance, guidance, or support.

What is Queer Camp's policy on bullying and harassment

Again, camper safety and comfort is our top priority. Queer Camp employs a zero-tolerance bullying and harassment policy. Any camper who feels they are being targeted or mistreated is encouraged to report their experience to camp leadership. Upon receiving a report of bullying or harassment, camp leadership will investigate, take corrective actions, and remove the offending party from Queer Camp if necessary.

How is privacy and confidentiality maintained at camp

Camper information is stored on a private, secure internet platform only available to Queer Camp leadership. Camper information may be shared with Queer Camp staff and volunteers on a need-to-know basis but is never shared with anyone else. All volunteers receive privacy & confidentiality policy and procedure training, including training regarding camp protocol limiting camper photographs to ensure camper privacy.

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