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Queer Camp

Queer Camp in Fayetteville, Arkansas is an inclusive setting where our LGTBQIA+ youth and allies can feel safe, celebrated, loved, and valued by each other and their community. We provide a unique opportunity for LGBTQIA+ youth to let loose and have fun. We want those who attend our camp to be able to be who they are without any fear of judgement. 

We offer name change clinics, free haircuts, free group therapy sessions, free clothing, fun activities involving theater, hair and makeup classes, gardening, gaming, fine art, and outdoor recreation. We also offer points of connection to other queer youth and queer adults in an attempt to build a community environment where each child is seen and welcome by people like them.


We’ve seen kids come to life as they settle into the reality of a safe space. We've watched children run down the halls, proudly sporting pride flags as capes. We've seen genuine queer joy, and we want to keep providing an atmosphere where that joy and excitement can thrive.

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Does Queer Camp sound right for you? Then we can't wait to see you at camp!

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**2024 Activities Coming Soon for Registered Campers**

Interested in volunteering your time with Queer Camp? We'd be thrilled to have you!


“Getting to volunteer with queer camp and see its impact has been one of the most transformative experiences of

my life.”

Matthias Ring

“You are able to freely wear what you like. I got to feel more like a girl than ever.


"At Queer Camp you'll find your people, meeting friends who are empathetic and kind."

Clint Schnekloth

"I felt like we were all there to be ourselves and that being ourselves was not just "good enough" but that was all anyone wanted, that was

the goal."

Ade Chamberlain

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